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The Climate March Math

This past Sunday, did you see hundreds of photos from the People’s Climate March posted on your friends’ Facebook and kick yourself for having a lazy afternoon on your couch (as I kind of did)? The New York Times reported … Continue reading

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What’s the Point of Math?

NPR made me smile again. Stephen Strogatz was a guest for the game show “Ask Me Another.” Click on the link and you can listen to the entire show, or just scroll down and go straight to his segment (By the … Continue reading

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MoMath with Professor Frank Wang

      As walking around inside the newly opened National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), Professor Frank Wang (LaGuardia Community College) and I saw many, many kids, playing, chattering, taking pictures, laughing. In the small two-story museum located right in front of Madison Square … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Happy 50th Post, Math Blog!

Since its birth on February 1, 2012, CUNYMath Blog has now reached the 50th post! My 2012 was the Year of Math. I had the pleasure of working with many CUNY math professors and other math-related people, who are so passionate … Continue reading

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Outliers, Stereotypes, and Others’ Expectations with Professor Janet Liou-Mark

A meeting prolonged, trains delayed, and I ended up being 30 minutes late to arrive at the meeting spot in Brooklyn Heights. Waiting for me was Professor Janet Liou-Mark, waving and all smiley… outside in the rain! Professor of Mathematics … Continue reading

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It’s Margarita Time with Professor Kathleen Offenholley

  I have personally known Professor Kathleen Offenholley, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Borough of Manhattan Community College, only for a couple of months. Since Day 1, however, I have always been enjoying her laid-back manner and all-round knowledge, let … Continue reading

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South Indian Cuisine with Professor Laurence Kirby

Professor Laurence (Laurie) Kirby at Baruch College has a couple of places in cyberspace, including his faculty bio, his own website and blog, to express his interests. Skimming through their contents, I got my eye caught by the sentence, “What … Continue reading

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About the header image – A reprise

Utterly inspired by the header image of the Cairo tessellation (Jonas’s 2/4 post), I’ve been slightly obsessed by street tiling these days. On a recent Friday when the weather was simply gorgeous, I, along with my dog, Basil, decided to … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating with Professor Esther Wilder

Professor Esther Wilder, Associate Professor of Sociology at Lehman College, recently received a $600,000 NSF grant for her Quantitative Reasoning (QR) research. Her bio on Lehman’s website is utterly impressive, and yes, of course, she is also a super mom with … Continue reading

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Burger and Fries with Professor G. Michael Guy

He is a doer. You can easily see that about Professor G. Michael Guy, Assistant Professor at Queensborough Community College, just by taking a quick glance at his website. Being a CUNY Improving Mathematics Learning grant winner and a 2011 … Continue reading

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