Springtime is a great time for a math joke

Spring in NYC is in full splendor, and birds are chirping away to remind us. In this spirit, here’s a math joke for the week:

What kind of math do owls like?


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5 Responses to Springtime is a great time for a math joke

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  2. rokhshareh says:

    Spring is the time to buy the price of buying a carpet, at which time the carpet is a service provider.

  3. NyiKunyit says:

    nice tree, wkwkwk

  4. musicmp3zone says:

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  5. Spring is a better time to buy carpets because it produces more carpets at this time.
    One of the things that follows the rules of mathematics is the carpet. The carpet must follow the golden rectangle. If these rules are not followed, the carpet will deform.

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