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The Speck of Hope – an afterthought.

There is a concept I find very hopeful in contemporary mathematics education, the concept of Learning Trajectory (LT), whose simplest definition is derived from (Clements and Sarama, 2009): LT has a mathematical goal, a developmental progression, or a learning path to … Continue reading

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On Creativity (in mathematics).

This post is in collaboration with Prof. Vrunda Prabhu from BCC who discovered Koestler’s Act of Creation for the teaching of mathematics. One of the central problems to be solved by us in the courses of algebra is the absence … Continue reading

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On Understanding (in Mathematics)

The urgent need to rethink the meaning of “understanding” in general, and in particular of “understanding in mathematics” has arisen in the context of specifying the Student Learning Outcomes in remedial and entry college level courses of mathematics. The template … Continue reading

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Is Algebra Necessary?

Algebra is a problem; in schools, in colleges, in the society. One of the most recent proposals to solve that problem by eliminating elementary algebra from the school curriculum altogether came from our colleague, Andrew Hacker, a retired political scientist … Continue reading

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