Springtime is a great time for a math joke

Spring in NYC is in full splendor, and birds are chirping away to remind us. In this spirit, here’s a math joke for the week:

What kind of math do owls like?


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Thinking of becoming a math teacher? Apply to CUNY for free now!

CUNY is currently sponsoring the graduate application fee ($75) for spring applicants to graduate Education degree and Advanced Certificate programs for teaching Middle School Math (grades 5-9) or High School Math (grades 7-12).  Don’t miss this chance to apply for fall 2020.  Six CUNY colleges are participating, with information to learn more:

For interest in CUNY Teacher Education program broadly, visit www.cuny.edu/teachered

For more about Graduate programs at CUNY, visit https://www.cuny.edu/admissions/graduate-studies

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STEM Students: Part-Time Jobs Available in Summer and Fall!

CUNY Tutor Corps is hiring tutors to work in its STEM camp this summer! Earn $17/hour for 19 hours per week.

Need a job for the fall? We’re hiring math and computer science tutors too! Work with middle and high school students and give back to your community.

Applications and details can be found here: https://k16.cuny.edu/tutorcorps/join-us/

For more details, contact Nicole.wells@cuny.edu

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Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, 3.14.20, another fun chance to celebrate math in every day life!

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CUNY’s Algebra for All application: open now for NYC DOE Teachers!

Working in partnership with NYC Department of Education,  CUNY provides eligible teachers with an opportunity to earn a tuition-free 15 credit graduate-level micro-credential in mathematics content and pedagogy. Spring 2020 applications are open for participation at Brooklyn College, City College, College of Staten Island, Hunter College, Lehman College, and Queens College.  The program is funded by the Office of the Mayor.

To learn more about the program, see this A4A overview.  The deadline to apply is December 2.


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Happy Pi Day!

March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day– how will you celebrate?!

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CUNY students: Paid tutors needed for spring semester! Apply by December 16!

CUNY Tutor Corps is hiring full-time CUNY students for the spring semester! Do you want to earn $15/hour while contributing to STEM education in middle and high school classrooms? Apply today!  Deadline is December 16, 2018.

To learn more and view requirements, visit www.cuny.edu/TutorCorps

For more information, contact Nicole Wells at Nicole.wells@cuny.edu

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Last Chance to apply for CUNY Tutor Corps! 10/1 deadline

Calling All CUNY Math and Computer Science Students:

Last Chance to Apply for CUNY Tutor Corps!

Need a part-time job? Want to contribute to youth STEM education in the classroom? Join Tutor Corps! We’re accepting applications until October 1 for the fall semester. We pay $15/hour for 12 hours per week. Apply here: https://cunyresearchfoundation.formstack.com/forms/tutorcorps_student_app

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CUNY Math Students, CS Students: Apply to join Tutor Corps!

Tutor Corps is actively recruiting for the fall semester! We bring current CUNY students who are studying math, compsci, tech, and education into NYC public schools. $15 per hour – 12 hours per week.

Apply for fall semester!


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CUNY LINCT is hiring for Math!

LINCT for All is expanding!  In the 2018-2019 school year, LINCT plans to serve 4,000 students in roughly 100 schools, and we are hiring! 

Lessons in Navigating College Transitions (LINCT) is an academic college access program offered by CUNY, in partnership with the NYCDOE.  Our goal is to reduce traditional barriers to success at CUNY by ensuring that students who graduate from NYC public high schools enter college academically eligible to take and succeed in credit-bearing courses. LINCT has two focus areas: Mathematics and English. CUNY LINCT staff work within CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs in the division of K-16 Initiatives whose programs focus on helping NYC public school students make a successful transition to college, careers and beyond. We support the city’s commitment to equity by developing high quality transition programs that help eliminate achievement gaps between racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.


LINCT Math Curriculum & Instruction Specialist (CUNY Title: Math Instructional Services Manager)

LINCT Program & Operations Team:

LINCT Research and Operations Coordinator (CUNY Title: Academic Program Coordinator)

LINCT Administrative Assistant (CUNY Title: Academic Program Coordinator)

Questions?  Email LINCT-CollegeTransitionProgram@cuny.edu

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