Job for Math grads: $36,000/year plus benefits

For any community college or senior college students graduating this June as math majors, here’s an opportunity for a full-time job working with kindergartners in math clubs:

Work experience with young children is a plus, and training will be provided by Bank Street College of Education. This is part of a research study with MDRC, so those hired will have an opportunity to contribute to a research project, too.

Please share news of this opportunity with faculty and students!

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14 Responses to Job for Math grads: $36,000/year plus benefits

  1. casadelia says:

    Such a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing

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  3. Thanks for Sharing,
    you have amazing article.

  4. Such a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing, Ashleigh. thank you very much

  5. its a really cool article, your sharing is really cool

  6. Yeah, Good article..
    Thanks for your information.

  7. David Matine says:

    It’s a great opportunity, but this is only one job. If you are having trouble finding other opportunities, and are in the state of Colorado visit http://www.apprenticepersonnel.com/job-seekers

  8. Desy H. says:

    It’s a good oppurtunity, I’m excited about it

  9. College coursework in a related field would definitely count Math, and I know they are open to all kinds of candidates with an interest in working with young children. Anyone interested should definitely apply!

  10. Chris McCarthy says:

    I think they want education majors, not math majors. In their preferred qualification it states:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Education or college coursework in a closely related field

  11. Such a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing, Ashleigh. I’ll make sure to pass this onto students and professors I know.

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