Calculus Boot Camp

Calculus Boot Camp, an initiative of Interim Chancellor William Kelly, has launched at six CUNY campuses.  In July and August 2014, hundreds of students across Baruch College, Brooklyn College, City College, LaGuardia Community College, Lehman College and NYC College of Technology will participate in free workshops on campus.  Designed to enhance  the skills of students between their spring semester of Pre-Calculus and fall semester of Calculus, Boot Camp aims to give participants an advance look at the material they will cover for credit in a few short weeks. The program is sponsored by the CUNY Central Office of Academic Affairs, and will include an evaluation component to gauge its effects.

Math faculty teaching the workshops also serve as campus coordinators for the program.  Special thanks to Professors Peter Gregory, Jeff Suzuki, Matthew Auth, Mahdi Majidi-Zolbanin, Joseph Fera and Satyanand Singh.  Follow along at #CalculusBootcamp

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  2. Ben Jordan says:

    I wish i had calculus boot camp when I was before starting freshman. Would have helped a lot.

  3. I’m sure these students will be more ready to tackle Calculus by the end of the summer. Looking forward to a follow-up!

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