About the header image – the Cairo Tessellation

The header image was created by Richard Sheinaus, Director of Graphic Design at CUNY Central.  It depicts a tiling of the plane known as the Cairo Tessellation, so-called because it appears in the paving of several Cairo streets.  It has many notable properties, not least of which is that it may be our best approximation of a mathematical impossibility: a regular pentagonal tiling (in the case of the Cairo Tessellation, the pentagonal shape is not regular — not all sides and angles are equal — which saves us from a universe-destroying contradiction).

For more information, check out Wikipedia and the somewhat more exhaustive Dave Bailey’s World of Escher-like Tessellations.

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  1. mPulsa says:

    Very interesting pattern, great color combination and shape. By the way where you get it? Currently I’m looking for header image for my personal blog.

  2. jadimodal says:

    one of the best post you shared ever… I have a lot of questions but there I can’t speak to you but I would like to talk to you

  3. Thank you for a grat article!
    Very useful!

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