Last Chance to apply for CUNY Tutor Corps! 10/1 deadline

Calling All CUNY Math and Computer Science Students:

Last Chance to Apply for CUNY Tutor Corps!

Need a part-time job? Want to contribute to youth STEM education in the classroom? Join Tutor Corps! We’re accepting applications until October 1 for the fall semester. We pay $15/hour for 12 hours per week. Apply here: https://cunyresearchfoundation.formstack.com/forms/tutorcorps_student_app

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11 Responses to Last Chance to apply for CUNY Tutor Corps! 10/1 deadline

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  3. Pulau Sepa says:

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  4. Julia says:

    are there any new sessions starting soon for youth STEM education in classrooms?
    I wanna be a part of it and learn this for my future ASAP. can you give me any details giving new info about new classes starting soon?
    I have passion about it and i just wanna get it. so please give me everything which you have,,,,

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