Happy Pi Day!

March 14 is Pi Day! A day to celebrate this mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi Day is also a chance to make pi fun for students with activities, problems and even pi poems. Explore some resources and make 3.14 come alive.  It’s also a great day to thank your favorite math teacher!

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6 Responses to Happy Pi Day!

  1. First of all very very Happy Pi Day.

  2. thanks merC u post

    thanks merC u post

  3. Happy Pi Day All, I hope we can enjoy all this.

  4. Roulette says:

    First of all very very Happy Pi Day. And I want to thanks my teacher who teach me mathematics as fun. It’s my favorite subject. I really thankful to my college teachers who teach me math as stories and I remembered all things as they teach me…

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