CUNY Math Conference

Almost 200 participants gathered last month as CUNY hosted it’s biennial Math Conference for faculty on May 9, 2014 at the Graduate Center.  With a theme centered around ‘Effective Instructional Strategies’, the day-long conference featured presentations on remedial math education, technology, pedagogy,  and communication.  “Globalizing Our Classrooms” was the keynote address from Deborah Hughes Hallett from the University of Arizona.  The program, abstracts and presentation slides are available to peruse online.  The day proved extra engaging through live tweets to #cunymath14.


Beyond the presentations, faculty enthusiasm for the day was palpable.  Colleagues dispersed across a large University were able to come together around the shared passion of math instruction.  Special thanks to the planning committee: Warren Gordon (Baruch), John Verzani (CSI), G. Michael Guy (Queensborough), and John Velling (Brooklyn).

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  2. What a great, informative event it was! So nice to have a chance to meet/see many CUNY math professors as well. Thank you and your team for all your hard work to make it happen, Ashleigh.

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